Tips to improve hard drive

Tips to improve hard driveHard drive is a very important component on a computer or laptop. disk serves as a data storage medium. just like other tools, hard drive is also sometimes often easily damaged.
 This can be caused by many things, but in broad outline there are four things that I share this time. please see below.

Level 1(
Tips to improve hard drive)

Damage that occurred at this level usually caused Bad sector.There are several ways to handle and experiment variation, adapted to drive the brand and the number of bad sectors.* For early handlers can use the command FORMAT C :/ C (adjust the drive you want to format). / C which is used to clean the damaged cluster.

* The second step if you have not managed to use the Disk Manager program from each of the hard drive manufacturer.
* If not successful you can also use the software HDDREG, please download the program on the internet.
* If not successful try the Low Level Format or File Zero.
* If you still can, you can do the cutting sector which hard drive is damaged, by dividing it and not use a damaged sector.

Level 2 
(Tips to improve hard drive) 
Damage that occurs at level 2 is Lost Hard Drive Partition and Data. This could be caused by a virus or a mistake to use utility programSome need to be considered in restoring the lost hard disk partition, the disk capacity and file system type. FAT File System partition with more easily restored than NTFS or Linux File System.* Check the first hard drive partition using FDISK or Disk Manager.

* To restore it can use software such as Acronis Disk Director, Handy Recovery, Stellar Phoniex etc..

Level 3 
(Tips to improve hard drive) 
Erosive damage to the hard drive detected in BIOS but can not be used, always appears an error message when the computer do the POSTUsually this is caused by firmware of the hard drive which is problematic. For many of these symptoms occur in a series of Maxtor hard drive brand names of Gods. To fix it you can download the Firmware program from the hard drive brand website.

Level 4 
(Tips to improve hard drive) 
Correct the damage that causes the hard drive is not detected by the BIOS and can not be used again. This is the hardest level in my opinion. Due to the improvement we need a little apart pairs inside electronic devices and componentsTackling the hard drive is not detected by the BIOS many ways.* Check for electrical current to flow to hard drive

* Replacing the hard drive IC on mainboard
* Open Cover Cover and check the position of Head hard drive
* Extreme hard way for people who can be cannibalized by the damaged hard drive which is different from other damage, can be a way to replace maiboardnya or take his IC.

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