How to choose domain?

How to choose domain?. When creating a blog or a website, one of the most important thing is to choose a name. It is powerful and useful for SEO. When we choose a name for the blog, it is good to consider:

Domain must have a name that is easy and not complicated to be written
Keep the domain name associated with the content of the blog
Not exceed 15 characters
You can also choose to create a brand
Memorable visitor
Note that there is competition in the search results.

Some things that should be avoided in choosing a domain name
Avoid if possible using the hyphen (-)
Avoid numbers in the domain
Try not to use words in other languages
Avoid words that may cause confusion in the spelling

Is Factor Domain Help Blog Or Web Position In Search Engines?
I thought it was very influential. For example, if we perform keyword searches Guitar Tab, then the google search engine will provide results that are usually in the form of web sites with domain names containing the word guitar, or a tab. While this is not guaranteed in a good position on search engines, but more helpful position. And maybe this is very useful for SEO, so we will benefit by a good name. Good tips on choosing a domain name can be beneficial. How to choose domain name?

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  1. Good tips for Domain name registration.I here share my point about how to select a good domain name easily.
    1) Make it a dot-com if .com not available you can search for other extension like .net , .org etc.
    2) Short and easy to spell
    3) Be defensive with misspellings
    4) Protect your brand with other extensions
    5) Avoid long hyphenated URLs
    6) Register domains for as long as possible ...
    7)Register paid domain name ,it will best and look professional than a free domain name.

    You can follow these steps and register the Domain name reasonable cost at .

  2. thank you ,, that is a good information for me and for other people.