speed up the transfer with idm

Times are tips to speed up the transfer with idm. The first way is by using software called IDM Optimizer, a software extant relationship with IDM which aims to optimize the download speed of IDM.

How it works IDMOptimizer:

2. Run IDMOptimizer.exe will display 2 options.
> Maximize Now! (maximize speed download IDM)
> Restore Default (restore settings to their default state IDM)

3. Select Maximize Now! It will display the command to restart IDM, click OK and then exit and turn IDMOptimizer IDM program.

4. When IDM run back up and running in the system tray so your download speed will change by itself towards the maximum

Please download IDMOptimizer (after 5 seconds, click skip ad at the top right corner)
In addition to these there are also other ways, namely:

A. IDM try clicking on the icon

2. Option-click.

3. In the Connection / Speed, select Other and select the Default Max conn.number 16 and close the IDM.

4. Run Regedit> HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Download Manager> (see the right window) Connection Speed​​> double click> select decimal> browse by 9999999999999> OK. (To be run through run regedit in the Start and type in Regedit)

NB: Do not Forget to Make Backups regeditnya first let me calm when there is nothing.

5. Close regedit and try to download it.

Download speed is also influenced by the existing network conditions.
speed up the transfer with idm

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