What is beauty?

                From our earliest days we appreciate beauty. Research has shown babies spend longer looking at adults with smooth skins, big eyes and full lips. And they don’t like uglies. The fact that the tiniest babies are drawn to beautiful faces,show how much beauty matters to us human beings.
                Beauty does matter, but the odd thing is matters even more than we consciously realize. All the studies show that beautiful people get better jobs and earn more money. Appearances even metter when it comes to getting the top job.
                If you have beauty it brings many hidden advantages but what gives it this extraordinary power?
                Many scientists think that far from being a matter of personal taste, there are universal rules for beauty. So what are some of these universal factors that hold true for all beauty?
Let’s start by looking at babies.               
                Babies seem to generally by considered very attractive and there is an archetypal face,not only for the adult but there is one for infant too. But baby’s beauty is quite different from adult beauty.
                                Babies judged attractive tend to have plump cheeks,rosebud lips and enormous eyes all scrunched up together in the centre of the face. It’s that helpless, nurture-me look that men eventually learn is what makes babies attractive. What’s certainly true is that good-looking babies often stay good-looking.

                If we’re talking about female beauty and standards of female attractiveness, the two largest predicators are youth and health. Things like clear skin, smooth skin, full lips because lips most people don’t know this, lips gets thinner as you age and so full lips is a sign of youth, also a sign of health.
                There’s a certain window during our life when we’re most attractive particularly women and that’s about, between the ages of 14 and 24. That’s they start menstruating at 14, they’re ready to reproduce and that correlates and coincides with their highest window of attractiveness physically and particularly facially.
                                Almost all scientific theories about beauty are based on so-called on evolutionary psychology. The idea is that much human behaviour is subconciusly driven by our animal past.for all our apparent sophistication we are deep down , creatures driven by a fairly basic biological urge to mate and to have offsprings.
                But how well does this theory explain human behaviour connected with beauty?
                                Looking  down at woman face makes me think of makeup. Human being have been using for over four thousand years so they must have developed some inkling of what they’re trying to archive with it , what buttons they’re trying to press.
                Dermatologist Dr Vail Reese thinks makeup has one main purpose.
                Makeup really tries to minimize any discolouration of the skin, any irregular contour and then better allow attention to be drawn to certain features such as the eyes or the lips, which we as humans want to accentuate at least in women at least.
                It’s like making a flat clean canvas then you start painting.
                So how do we paint features and why?
                Well, eye makeup can make the eyes look bigger therefore younger and sexier. Also darkening the upper can produce so called bed-room eyes.
                Next, lipstick. Psychologists argue that when you get aroused your lips get fuller and redder and that’s what red lipstick is trying to mimic.
                Next ever wondered why top athletes tend to be good-looking?
                Professor john Manning is doing research which link links looks with running ability.
                The link which ties athletic ability to beauty in Professor Manning’s research is symmetry. Example, runners with symmetric run more slowly than runners with symmetric ears and this is not a question of wind speed and aerodynamic aspects of the face.
                So what’s going on here?
                People with symmetrical bodies find it easier to run faster and having more symmetrical ears is a sign you’ve got a more symmetrical body.
What The Big Thing about Symmetry?
                It all begins in the womb. We all start off looking like aliens but we’re programmed to grow symmetrically. So if all goes well, we turn into pretty symmetrical adults but things can  go wrong. People have the clear completed individual as the hero and then any skin defect can be used by film makers to identify to audiences, ”watch out for this one”. So what skin really becomes a reflection not just of health but of moral content.
                So, that’s everything that we can say about beauty that’s universally true.
Beauty being in The Eye of  The Beholder.
                In this case the beholder being in the eye of the beauty. In other words , yes, stuff that varies from face to face and from era to era.
                Take the fashions in the skin tone for centuries in Europe, looking pale was extremely fashionable. Elizabeth I used a mixture of white lead and vinegar to look as pale as possible. Unfortunately it was poisonous and it had a tendency to run. Then four hundred years later, the suntan was suddenly in. previously it was a sign of a common type who worked outdoors with his hand. But now a suntan meant you were wealthy enough to travel to the sun for your holidays. The fact that so much, a film was made in Hollywood in the fifties and sixties had incredible influence nationally on the though that a tanned appearance was healthy and was good and was beautiful. So the suntan came in and now is beginning to go out of fashion.
                Take hair, a full head of lustrous hair is a sign of youth, vitality and health. But the fashion in hairstyle change all the time, unpredictably.
                For example in 1624 Louis XIII lost his hair and had to wear a wig. When he was king, the entire French, court instantly followed the new fashion and soon developed it beyond recognition until the wigs became so large that some of them were sublet.
What are Things that were really Looking for in a Long-term Partner?
                Study of thirty-seven cultures, looks is about physical attractiveness is third of fourth in importance. Men, when they’re doing mate selection. They look for partners who are intelligent, who are kind, who are understanding, who are dependable, who are attractive but also who are healthy and emotionally stable.
                So, if beauty gives us pleasure how come than that it also makes people miserable?
                As I was going to say, faces like hers can be a problem if we compare our looks and then start feeling inadequate. Even attractive people sometimes find themselves doing this. Beauty used to be rare, now it’s anywhere, that’s not helpful.
                What that does to men is that it decreases the commitment that they feel toward their regular partner and then they look at the models, they look at their regular mate and they think, there’s a better mate out there for me.
Somebody one said that beauty is the passport to success but it’s not a passport, it’s a visa, it expires. And if you’ve build your life on your beauty what you do when you being to lose your looks?
                You start thinking about plastic surgery.
                I was hear one reason why it maybe it’s not such a great idea. It came from George Orwell, who once remarked: “After the age of forty a man is responsible for his face”.
                In other words if you’re young, whether you’re good looking or not is just the luck of the draw. But as you get older your face begins to show the world what sort of person you are because whatever your habitual expressions are: kind, cheerful, mournful, embittered.
                They start etching themselves onto your face. So then your face starts feeling people what sort of human you’re. allowing this to happen maybe what people mean by the phrase: “Growing old gracefully”. So if you beautiful as you grow older, it’s not a free gift, it’s because your face shows qualities that are timeless and that we all admire.

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